Staples Soul

What is Staples Soul?

Staples Soul reflects our committment to corporate responsibility. It's a holistic approach to business that recognizes the close connection between our financial success and our desire to make a positive impact on our associates, communities, and the planet by joining together the following areas: diversity, the environment, our community, and ethics. It's how we do business - that's Staples Soul.


diversity.gifReflecting the face of our customers is embedded in our culture. Our associates and customers are diverse, which helps us ensure that our workplace is  one of inclusion and acceptance. Our commitment goes beyond race and gender to include developing a diversity of thought and experience.




Environment.gifWe seek environmental excellence by developing and sourcing environmentally preferable products, recycling services for our customers and associates, supporting energy efficiency and renewable energy, educating stakeholders about the results of our efforts, and by creating awareness and an open forum for discussion with our associates.


Communiity.gifWe reach out to communities where our customers and associates live and work. Through our corporate giving program, community@work, we build alliances with international charitable organizations, develop cause marketing initiatives and fundraising campaigns, and support local communities with corporate donations.



Staples® strives to be a model of corporate governance and ethical business practices. Our commitment to integrity is embodied in our Code of Ethics, which all associates are expected to follow. We also seek to work with suppliers who share our values, as reflected in our Supplier Code of Conduct.